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Welcome to our Trivesta Linens
Welcome to our website! Finally, you have reached a bed sheet importer/wholesaler that understands not only your needs, but those of your clients. Are you new to the linen business and frustrated with all the confusion from resellers and large importers who are too busy to speak with you or won’t answer your questions with honest certainty? Are you an experienced seller but have been losing your clients to your own supplier?
Trivesta Linens is your solution! If you’re new to the business, we’ll take the necessary time to help foster your business so that you reach your financial goals. We’ll take the time to answer your questions honestly and clarify any confusion about our product and business.
For those with experience in the industry, we are the only importer/wholesaler that has ‘no brand name’ labels to help you retain your client base. We understand how hard you work to build up your business and want to make sure you keep your clients! Are you a retail business looking to increase your bottom line? Do you own a mattress store or furniture store? Then you should be selling sheets? Bed sheets also make a great give-away to close some of your large mattress or furniture deals! .
Plus: We are the only distributor that allows you to build your case by size and color!!!
  • Same day shipping with most orders!!
  • We even drop ship for you!
  • Don’t just be a customer, become a team member today!
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    You can put your trust in TriVesta Linens. We provide personal
    We offer the top quality sheet set on the market. These luxury bed linens are very soft to the touch, both on the front and back.